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May 2019 Soap Challenge

This is my very first time doing the Soap Challenge. I’ve been making soap for almost 3 years, but I’ve only made 8 batches. I spend most of my time researching and watching videos. I really enjoy making soap. It still intimidates me a bit, that's why I decided to sign up for the Challenge so I can get more comfortable. This month’s challenge was a pour/pull through technique. My object was an hvac grill that I found at the Home Depot. I used a slab mold, but only filled it half way up. I placed the grill at the bottom and moved it up as the mold was filling up. I used the following recipe (super fatted at 5%): Coconut oil - 34% Shea butter - 5% Olive oil - 40% Avocado oil - 6% Canola oil - 15% Once the oils were mixed (before light trace) I divided it equally into 3 parts. I used 1 tsp of titanium dioxide, 1 tsp of aqua pearl mica (BB), 1 tsp of indigo powder. For fragrance I used Love Spell (VS dupe) from General Wax (they are my local store for some supplies). I poured