Soap Challenge - July 2019

This month's challenge thought by Teri Endsley of Tree Marie Soapworks. The design is called pointy layers and this technique creates beautiful pointy lines in the soap. Well, mine definitely didn't turn out beautiful, but to be honest it is better than I thought it would be right after I finished. I used the recipe provided by Teri for the most part, I just substituted the cocoa butter with shea: Olive Oil 35% Coconut Oil 30% Palm Oil 20% Shea Butter 10% Castor Oil 3% Avocado 2% Water Lye Fragrance oil I used Mermaid Blue, Raspberry and Buttercup micas from BB and titanium dioxide for the lightest. I didn't use much of the latter, I wanted more of a beige color. Fragrance oil is Raspberry Rhubarb, also from BB. After melting the oils and mixing the lye with water I waited until both cooled down to 85 F. I separated the batch into four pitchers and added the micas and TD. I pre-mixed all with some oil to dissolve them before blending with the soap. As soon as I added th

Soap Challenge - June 2019

This month's Soap Challenge was food and drink ingredients. I got very excited about this, since I've been wanting to try something similar. My inspiration for the Challenge was Spain. I will be visiting Spain this summer, so I thought Sangria is the perfect solution in anticipation of this trip. The classic Spanish Sangria consist of fruits (apples, oranges, lemon, lime), orange juice and fruity red wine. For the food item I used pureed apples, and for the drink ingredient, I used 50% red wine and 50% orange juice. Thought I'd make it a bit more interesting. Fun facts: Apples are rich in vitamins A, B and C. They also help with acne, blemishes and dark spots Orange juice is filled with vitamin C, potassium, and boosts immune Red wine - a five ounce glass a day - contains antioxidants, increases bone density, and can lower the risk of blood clots I used Moroccan red clay for the red, Tumeric for the orange, and Rhaoussul clay for the light. Scent

May 2019 Soap Challenge

This is my very first time doing the Soap Challenge. I’ve been making soap for almost 3 years, but I’ve only made 8 batches. I spend most of my time researching and watching videos. I really enjoy making soap. It still intimidates me a bit, that's why I decided to sign up for the Challenge so I can get more comfortable. This month’s challenge was a pour/pull through technique. My object was an hvac grill that I found at the Home Depot. I used a slab mold, but only filled it half way up. I placed the grill at the bottom and moved it up as the mold was filling up. I used the following recipe (super fatted at 5%): Coconut oil - 34% Shea butter - 5% Olive oil - 40% Avocado oil - 6% Canola oil - 15% Once the oils were mixed (before light trace) I divided it equally into 3 parts. I used 1 tsp of titanium dioxide, 1 tsp of aqua pearl mica (BB), 1 tsp of indigo powder. For fragrance I used Love Spell (VS dupe) from General Wax (they are my local store for some supplies). I poured